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Meet the artist

Living and working in Southern California


I paint on wooden board, canvas, paper, with a variety of media including; acrylics, collage, spray paint, inks, and pastels; using tools to make marks in the paint, such as old cards, palette knives, squeegees and sharp objects. I’ll often begin by playing with no specific outcome in mind, building up layers of opaque and glaze paint. The composition emerges over time. Many of my paintings feature intersecting colored shapes, rough and smooth edges, straight and scribbled lines, contrasting pictorial elements, visual differences, which draw the eye drawn around the picture plane. I often work on a series of multiple paintings at a time, each one informs the other in some way. I am driven by the process of painting itself, the inherent discoveries and synchronicities are compelling, I also explore these in writing, in a studio journal. I aim to create work that is alive, personal and authentic. 

I studied art and design to degree level in London. I have practical experience of developing and managing arts programs, including the British Council’s Arts Program and Festival of Culture during the London 2012 Olympic Games. I have created publications, websites and events for various art establishments and businesses. I am now based in Southern California where I work full time as an artist and mother to my twin daughters. I love the inspiring light, landscapes and people here in California, as well keeping connected to London and England through regular trips back across the pond.